The logotype of “Musaget” 1909 - 2009

The Moscow publishing house “Musaget” (1909-1917) was founded by musical and literary critic Emil Medtner, and poets Andrei Bely and Ellis (pen-name L.L.Kobylinskiy). At initial stage it was funded by German sponsor Hedvig Friedrich.
“Musaget” had published 44 books of Russian and foreign symbolists: poems, philosophical, mystical and religious works, and a few translations of ancient writers. 

Among “Musaget”’s authors were Alexander Blok, A. Bely, V. Ivanov, E. Medtner, Ellis, S. Bobrov, B. Sadovskoy, Z. Gippius, S. Soloviev.


However “Musaget” was not only a publishing house, it was a society of people united by common ideas, literary and aesthetic preferences. They were mostly influenced by Germanophile.

The “Musaget”'s activity was featured by:

  • non-profit making;
  • selection of books for publishing was based only on personal attitudes and tastes of editors who were under an idea to serve to Culture;
  • dilettantism in business;
  • high standard in editing;
  • high quality of design and polygraphy.
The number of “Musaget” editions in 1910-1917
The number “Musaget” of books 1910-1917

Mean edition of a “Musaget” book was about 1460 (minimal - 201 and maximal - 3000 copies) with mean price 1.90 rubles (slightly higher than usual price for similar books).

The former building of the publishing house “Musaget” 1910-1917 (Prechistenskiy buld., 31, Moscow)
Vikenty V. Pashukanis  Vikenty Pashukanis 

Vikenty V. Pashukanis was a secretary of “Musaget” and a publisher of "V.V. Pashukanis publishing".

Vikenty Pashukanis was born in 1879 in Moscow. In 1902 after graduation from the mathematical department of Moscow University he worked as an exciseman.  In 1914 he started his work as a secretary and a commercial director of “Musaget”. On February 7, 1915 he went to St. Petersburg to negotiate the publication of poems with Alexander Blok. In his diary A. Blok mentioned that during 1915-17 he wrote 14 letters to V. Pashukanis, but all letters were lost. “Musaget” experienced permanent financial problems and in May 1915 V. Pashukanis made a proposal to editor-in-chief E. Medtner how to reorganize the “Musaget” to make it more profitable. However E. Medtner rejected his proposal and V. Pashukanis started his own publishers with logotype "V.V. Pashukanis publishing": 

The logotype of V.V.Pashukanis publishing

V. Pashukanis was one of the main publishers of popular poet Igor Severyanin, and also K. Balmont, A. Bely, V. Gofman. Last books of "V.V. Pashukanis publishing" were issued in 1918. In October 1918 he found a job in Museum Department of Educational Ministry. As "an emissary" of Museum Department he run between country estates of nobles searching and transferring their treasures to Moscow. This was the only way to save the treasures from pillage. In January 1920 he was arrested because of false denunciation and executed. 


The well-known Marxist legal theorist Evgeny B. Pashukanis was a cousin of Vikenty V. Pashukanis.

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